Mylinda is known for her “madness” and she certainly has a method to her madness! “Right now I am going to teach you how to tap dance… so get up out of your seats and let’s move our bodies… ” She has the entire audience get out of their seats and then, literally, teaches them a time step, which is a fairly complex tap combination to anyone who has never tap danced before. “Now I want you to listen very carefully to me: Motion creates emotion… emotion leads to passion… that passion is what is going to drive you to take action to make you and your business as successful as possible!”

As a keynote speaker she loves teaching people the importance of mindset and how to tweak it to achieve desired results. And what better to finish that talk than with diving into Goal Setting. Some other topics she has covered over the years: The Importance of Proper Corporate Structure, Corporate Tax Solutions, Marketing Strategies, as well as The Importance of Strategic Alliances and Business Development.

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