Realize the Problems in Order to Create the Solutions

After reading an article published on MSNBC 13 April 2010 re: Recovery and Small Businesses, I feel compelled to reach out to the entrepreneurs and small business owners of America.

Many business owners across this great Nation of ours seem to running scared with their tails between their legs. They cry and make excuses, “Politicians say the economy is recovering, but my sales people can’t find it“, placing the blame on anything and everything they have heard or read in the media (which I call propaganda). Being a business owner myself, I truly understand the frustration. However, what I do not understand is the neglect to take responsibility for our own business/ businesses.

When my business is suffering, I analyze it thoroughly in order to find the problem areas. I then look at the problem areas in order to determine a solution. Sure, it’s a lot easier to place the blame on the “economic crisis”, but what good is that going to do? Nothing good will ever come from pointing the finger at something or someone else.

The problem most business owners are facing today isn’t the economy, the problem is their attitudes. If you consider tweaking your attitude to create solutions, you may just decide to not be ruled by fear. You may decide to not participate in the recession at all. Take a look at the history of business and ask yourself this question: Is most money made in a down economy or an up economy?

The answer: Most money is made in a down economy.

Smart business owners know that small businesses account for about half of the gross domestic product and if the GDP is down 10% that doesn’t mean to close up shop! It means that 90% OF THE MONEY IS STILL BEING SPENT AND there is less competition in capitalizing on that money being spent.  Smart business owners know that economic downfall is inevitable, it’s a cycle. They are consistently adapting to the ever changing economic seasons. They are prepared for the fall.

The article stated “Small businesses are still waiting for the economic rebound that’s enabled larger companies to obtain low-interest credit and to boost exports and production in recent months.

Reading this leads me to believe there is a huge misconception of the amounts of funding available to entrepreneurs and small business owners. Let it be known to all Americans, THERE IS MORE FUNDING AVAILABLE RIGHT NOW FOR SMALL BUSINESSES THEN EVER BEFORE! How do I know this you ask??? I make it a part of my business to know this.

“…as part of my Financial Stability Plan, the Treasury Department will begin purchasing up to $15 billion of SBA loans through the Troubled Asset Relief Program, or TARP. We will immediately unfreeze the secondary market for SBA loans and increase the liquidity of community banks. Banks will no longer have to choose between providing loans to CREDITWORTHY SMALL BUSINESSES and maintaining the required capital and liquidity.”

President Obama

Washington Post CQ Transcripts Wire
Monday, March 16, 2009; 12:11 PM

The economic rebound for small businesses is sitting there waiting to be utilized. (Again, the media is only telling part of the story.) Yes, small business owners are not accessing the low interest credit and yes larger companies are. (Remember, you MUST determine the problem in order to create a solution…) The problem isn’t a matter of funding not being available, the problem is most entrepreneurs and small business owners do not qualify for the funding, while big businesses do. The larger businesses were structured correctly, they had built the foundation required to access the funding. The larger businesses were in compliance with what the vendors and lenders were looking for in order to approve the lines of credit.

Times have changed. It definitely is much harder for a business owner to access credit. The requirements for approval are much stricter, and I for one cannot blame the vendors or lenders. How could I? Vendors and lenders are business owners as well. They took huge hits over the past few years, just as we all have. It was necessary for them to look at their businesses in order to create solutions. It just so happens that one of their solutions was to “up” their requirements/ criteria.

If you were going to lend any money or extend credit terms to clients, wouldn’t you want to know that you were not throwing good money after bad? Wouldn’t you want to know that the people you were lending to had the capability of paying you back? I would.

Instead of whining and crying and making excuses, wouldn’t it make more sense to take responsibility for your business? After all, didn’t you have a dream and a goal when you started your business?

I challenge the entrepreneurs and business owners of America to build your businesses correctly. I challenge you to change your attitudes. I challenge you to succeed!

Solutions are not easy to find, especially when you have never been exposed to these types of difficulties. There are no quick fixes. But always remember, there are people and organizations out there that can help you. I encourage you to take the initiative to learn who these people are and let them help you.

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    1. There is going to be alot of companies with 49 emeyelops and increased temp staffing. Also, just wait untila0 companies start dumping health insurance and opt to pay the fine . You reap what you sow.

    1. “What have I done?” no they won’t.i agree with igor. these are liberals. they don’t have enguoh sense to ask a question like that. they’ll just blame the business owners, or someone, anyone, else.

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